Who are we?

We are DEED Creative – a Helsinki-based production company specializing in film and photography, offering services for visual needs with a diverse approach. 

The company was founded by an active duo, Jaakko Jylhä and Ville Mäkeläinen, long time friends and partners from previous mutual projects. The two form a strong foundation for the company’s operations in both creative and operational sense: Jylhä and Mäkeläinen comprehensively master the fields of filming, post-processing and graphic work – not to mention excellent production skills. On bigger or special projects, DEED also employs professionals from different fields of expertise when needed.

DEED Creative was founded out of passion for everything visual: the hearts of both founders lie for film, photography as well as art and culture in general. In addition to cultural spirit, our working emphasizes on reliability, active attitude, energetic entrepreneurial spirit, efficient communication and a strong commercial insight. You can get a taste of our style and artistic vision by visiting the Works section where we present the best of the projects in which we have been honored to be involved.

We live to do great things in the name of DEED and we give a one hundred percent for our every customer. We offer our best expertise and insight, regardless of the size of your operations and your communication needs.

What do we do?

Creativity, efficiency, reliability and the ability to identify and see individual needs. These are the foundations of our work. At the heart of our operations always lies the customer and their needs: with us, you can easily achieve the goals you are aiming for with your visual communications whether your goal is artistic, commercial or something in between. Whether it’s an advertisement, a music video or photographic servces, we will produce it. 

We take care of all the phases of the projects from start to finish. We always gather the most talented, reliable and suitable professionals for each project to achieve the best result.

We tailor the right service package for each customer, taking into account their resources and commercial needs. Our goal is to help you brighten your message, express yourself and your actions in all visual platforms creatively and effectively.

In addition to our excellent track record, we guarantee a smooth project management that combines accuracy and clarity in all steps including communication, workflow and budgeting. Our practical work is always based on a standardized three-part operating model presented in this page.

How do we do it?


In the beginning of every project, we work together with the client to come up with ideas and project planning. At the same time, we come to know each other, which helps us to gain the good energy to work together. At this phase, we will also do a solid pre-production, which will ensure the efficiency and clarity of the practical execution of the project.


The middle stage is the actual production part of the project: we build, shoot and post-process. In this phase, the well done pre-production is emphasized when the carefully polished idea is put into action and produced to the final product.


At the end of the project, we deliver the finished product to the customer and make the necessary changes or final touches to the final product to ensure the desired result. Our goal is to build long-term and fruitful relationships with our customers, so we also carefully invest in follow-up and after-marketing.

Sounds good?

Regardless of the size and nature of your project, never hesitate to contact us. Call us, send an email or message via the contact form. We’ll be in touch right away!

Sales: Jaakko Jylhä
+358 (0) 45 855 0262