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Video commercials for Olvi TEHO

We produced a series of video commercials for Olvi TEHO energy drink which were adapted for multiple platforms, from TV to TikTok. In addition, we shot a series of photographs to be used on various marketing purposes. 

Client: Olvi Oyj
Agency: Drama Queen
Production company: DEED Creative
Producers: Jaakko Jylhä & Ville Mäkeläinen
Project manager: Anne Heikelä
AD: Kai Seppänen
Copywriter: Joel Huttunen
Graphic design: Drama Queen
Directors: Jaakko Jylhä & Ville Mäkeläinen
Script: Drama Queen
Storyboard: Ville Mäkeläinen
Cinematography: Ville Mäkeläinen
Edit & animation: Ville Mäkeläinen
Colour grading: Jaakko Jylhä
Photography: Jaakko Jylhä
Voice-over production: VILD Factory
Voice-over: Ilkka Merivaara
Sound design: Jaakko Jylhä & Ville Mäkeläinen
Mixing & mastering: Niilo Luhtanen / Alva Sound
Set design: Jaakko Jylhä & Ville Mäkeläinen
Make-up & hair: Ida Maunula
Stylist: Ville Mäkeläinen
Actors: Jaakko Mäkeläinen & Mikko Laukkanen
Thanks: Kinos Rentals, Magito Studio, Laivurin Valinta, Muji Finland