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A video series for University of Helsinki

“Research and education are the building blocks of our wellbeing. Investing in them is crucial for our future.” -University of Helsinki

In collaborarion with Vapa Media, we shot a six-part video series to support an article series about the importance of research and education. The production was extremely mobile: Shooting took place in six different locations around Helsinki during the course of two days. Check out the whole series from here!

Client: Helsingin Yliopisto
Agency: Vapa Media
Production Company: DEED Creative
Consept & Script: Vapa Media
Producer: Jaakko Jylhä
Project Manager: Anna Niskanen
AD: Anna Niskanen & Johanna Taskinen
Copywriting: Vapa Media
Graphic Design: Vapa Media
Director: Jaakko Jylhä & Johanna Taskinen
DP: Ville Mäkeläinen
Sound Recorder: Niilo Luhtanen
Edit & Colour Grading: Jaakko Jylhä
Mixing & Mastering: Ville Mäkeläinen
Casting: Helsingin Yliopisto & Vapa Media
Thanks: Kinos Rentals